Jarrick Browner

Jarrick Browner’s yoga practice developed from the desire to find a great full-body workout he could enjoy within the small spaces of  The District of Columbia.  Jarrick began practicing Ashtanga in traditional Mysore format at a studio in the mornings before working 10-14 hours at UPS.  The mornings Jarrick couldn't make it to class, he practiced at home, by himself, or with Brandon Copeland-- who later created Khepera Wellness, the Home of Trap Yoga. 

After his morning yoga  sessions , Jarrick began to realize that he was starting to become rejuvenated and felt more energized. With this lighter step and extra energy, he put his fascination for anatomy, philosophy, and science to use and began to focus on understanding his yoga practice and what effects it was having on his mind and body.  During his research, he found the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali which explain the  purpose behind the poses in his practice, and the Ayurvedic Theory . His passion for yoga grew as he noticed how practicing brought newfound mental clarity. 

Not long after he began practicing yoga, Jarrick’s friends observed how quickly he was progressing and asked him to teach them.  After a couple of months, his friends started pushing him to pursue a certification.  Jarrick, took the 200-hour teacher training at Yoga District where he was certified in Dharma, Power, and creating sequences of his own. He now teaches a combination of Power and Dharmayoga with an Ashtanga feel. Additionally, Jarrick offers workshops on alignment, chakras, inversions, Ayurvedic Theory, and more.  

Yogi on the Mat

Preferred Yoga Style: Ashtanga

City: Washington DC

Favorite Food: Corn!Yum! I'm a huge fruit and veggie fan. 

Favorite Movie: Neighborhood Watch 

What made you start practicing yoga? 

I wanted to find a workout that didn't take up too much space in my schedule and offered a good well-rounded workout.

What anchors your practice?

What keeps me motivated to practice is seeing the changes from day to day in my body.


Share some of your practice

I have a studio and home practice. I Mostly practice by myself for about 45min to 1hr 45min. It mainly depends on the day. I practice a variation of the classes I teach. I also begin and end with 30min of breath work/meditation in addition to the 1hr 45min.


How does yoga impact your life?

I've been able to handle myself, and situations much better. 

How your practice impacts other’s lives?

I've become an anchor for a lot of people close to me.

What are some things yoga has taught you about yourself/others?

Yoga has taught me how I deal with tough/strenuous situations. Yoga has also taught me about my own body and the different systems within it.

A quote or phrase that summarizes the teaching:

The breath is the most important. The poses will come.

The advice you have for new yogis/long time practitioners:

A home practice is crucial to growth.

How does yoga influence your mental health? Overall wellness?

Allows my mind to calm down and handle situations. I feel better about my decisions. Helped me become more self-confident.

What are a few of the benefits of yoga?

  • Better mental physical and emotional health

  • Better neural pathways

  • Sense of balance, stability

  • Release tension in the body/mind

 The list goes on forever.

How can someone alleviate hesitation to yoga:

Research or just going out and trying it. Nothing beats a failure but a try.


How do you feel about the representation of black yogis?

I don't feel as though it's many black yogis out here, especially black male yogis. I feel there should be more diversity in the field. How yoga has been commercialized, I feel, isolates a large amount of people of color in the US from something with so many benefits.

Favorite or most challenging pose:

Currently working on Scorpion on my forearms and dropping back into the wheel. Trusting yourself can be a very challenging thing.


The most changing part of your journey:

 Deciding to start. This is a daily decision too.

What challenges have you faced while practicing yoga?

So many challenges while practicing from settling my mind to go deeper in poses. Learning to bring my attention to my muscles. Learning to surrender into relaxation. Even staying motivated to practice has been a challenge. What's helped me keep practicing is being more dedicated to the practice and what I learn from it than what I "feel" that I want to do. Reflecting on the times I did it and I wasn't feeling like doing it I've learned so many lessons about myself. 


Find someone knowledgeable you can trust and communicate with for a teacher and stick with them. Take note of their style and practice sooner of what they practice.


Furthermore Designs or @furthermore1716 on Instagram they sell cool bracelets earrings and things. They also have cool yoga/African symbols on some of them.


Blocks and a strap can be helpful also. Straps especially if you are unable to reach your toes.

Reach Out to Jarrick

If you are looking for yoga classes to take in the District or want to learn more about yoga with Jarrick contact him via:

Instagram: @Jarrick.yoga

Email: jarrick.yoga@gmail.com