Redefine Fantastic!

 As you practice Bikram yoga, you gain clarity and self-awareness prompting you to redefine and relearn how you truly experience life. As you become clearer, changing the mind to broaden your perception will become an instinctive pattern. Taking the time to discern the space between thought and instinct, action and reaction-- is the beginning of redefining fantastic.

 Next, is, to be honest with yourself and confront what is true, My teacher Jenifer said redefining fantastic includes acknowledging “The exhilarating pleasure of pain associated with change.”  We’ve all experienced that in the Hot Room. When you have a consistent practice, each class is hot, challenging, and very different from your previous class.  However, in each class, you also experience moments of pleasure.  When you hold a posture longer, get deeper into a pose, or when your breath is constant, more than it has been before. These are just a few examples of how fantastic is part of your practice.

The "suffering" is the heavy lifting hard work necessary to help promote healing in the body and mind. It's not easy practicing this yoga, but taking the time to work through the heat to remove mental modifications and purify the body is worth the sweat.

“Let go of expectations and accept the wonder of the moment so that you can be ready for anything.” - Jenifer R.

 Taking the time to sweat and push your limits for 90 minutes in a 105-degree room, to some, may seem like sure signs of insanity; but have you ever worked so hard in 10 secs that when you release the posture and come to your stillness all you experience is a racing heart and passionate breath? That’s fantastic.

The woozy, groovy, indescribable feeling after Camel that reminds you that you are alive. That's fantastic.



The time and space it takes to go from restless panic to focused stillness. That is fantastic.