Samson Binutu: A Humble Photographer

I've never meet such an inspiring positive individual who constantly pushes others to be great. This young man came into my life when we both enrolled in an upper-level English course.  I offered to helphim in the class since he wasn't use to the formalities of academic writing. Initially it was awkward, but that awkwardness grew into friendship. I mean sometimes it is still awkward, but at least we are friends now. I consider this young gentlemen one of my most cherished friends. Even though our friendship journey may seem short its been an relationship for the better (well for me at least)...

As an artist I am deeply moved at how talented he is and how humble he is with his art, perhaps because he is a seasoned artist who is confident in his work and skill. His photos whether it be a landscape, an event, or a person (In my opinion) captures more than the moment, but captures the essence of a scene.

Samson is a collected gentleman. With an eye for beauty and inspiration, a heart of gold, and is a loving, wise, and ambitious man.


 Birthday: September 4th    

 Favorite word: "Humble"                    

Who is your mentor?

My mentor is Dotun Ayodeji and his work can be viewed here

Do you like taking pictures of yourself? Why or why not?                       

 I do and then I don’t. It all depends on how I'm feeling and my surroundings. I just don’t like attention personally.

How do you find locations for shoots? What is the selection process? 

For the most part its all done through research and simply just asking around.

How do you feel about people smiling in pictures and why?                

When I do portraits I don’t really advise people to smile because I want viewers to be able to analyze the emotion being felt through the photograph. A smile will give it away to easily whether it is genuine or not.

Who do you think you are?
I am a young ambitious gentleman who wants to make his mark in Art.


What's your thing?
Photography is my thing. It's a passion that has been bubbling within me for the past 3 years and I've been in love since. Currently just working on series and projects that will help push my artwork to the public.

What is the message you want to convey?
The message I want to convey is that there is beauty in each and everyone of us. We are surrounded by natural aesthetic environments that we need to embrace. Also, whatever you have a passion for, indulge in it and be known for it.

Personal Philosophy

 Be yourself and indulge in your passion with all of your heart. Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving what you want to achieve in life.

Random fact?

A random fact about myself is I never got stung by a bee.

How did you come across your medium?

I came across it by a friend of mine. She had a camera and I asked her if I could use it. At first it was complicated and that drew me away from photography but when I finally could grasp the concept of it, I fell in love. Its been by love ever since and it will be my love for the rest of my life,

 When/Where did it all begin?

 I first told myself I wanted to be a landscape photographer but I lost interest in that very quickly. Therefore, I started taking pictures of people and became interested in displaying the beauty of people through a photographic form. Today, I love fashion and photo-journalism photography.

Talk about your style both in how you dress and how you create.

 I don’t really have a label for how my style is. I just know that I like simple and quality things. I currently have a love for denim and been trying to collect quality pieces and shades of denim. Never been huge on high end designers simply because it can be too loud at times. Most of the time you can catch me wearing a good pair of clarks, twenty jeans, a simple shirt and maybe a bomber or parka according to the weather. I get inspired by people I’m surrounded by and just incorporate that into my own style. I strongly believe in having your own style because your comfortable and original. How I create is based on inspiration of different forms of art or artist. I use that to fuel my creative juices allowing me to create personal projects and series.

What's your perspective of society today? or rather something that "grinds your gears' about it.

One thing that really grinds my gears is seeing people trying to be someone their not enable for them to fit in to feel accepted living up to what is considered to be “cool”. I just want everyone being comfortable in their own skin and clothing man. It feels so good when you know and believe that people like you for simply just being yourself. I tell you, it feel awesome. Be yourself people!

Who/what inspires you? Do you have a muse?

 Two gentlemen of Street EtiquetteRog Walker, and the members of A.C.F. ( Art Comes First) .

Favorite Disney Movie is:

 My favorite Disney movie would probably have to be Toy Story (the first one).

Reach Out to Samson:

He is the least intimidating person there is if you need advice on most things, an artsy friend, inspiration,  a person with a good heart, or need some photos taken hit him up via

Instagram: @sambitionphotos

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