Sydney Clark: Seemingly Simple

In life we are always meeting people and these people may or may not have an immediate purpose, its’ all about timing.  I have know Sydney since my freshmen year in High School we had the same homeroom, back then we were just cordial to one another. She graduated before me and left for college it didn’t really impact me. I pretty much felt our relationship would consist of Facebook comments and likes.  However she transferred to my University and our relationship evolved fromacquaintanceto friend to sister-friend. She is one of the people in my life who motivates me in many ways. I have encountered many people in my life who exude selfishness and mediocrity, Sydney unknowingly provides strength and comfort, which compliments her uniqueness and sincerity.  This woman has impeccable timing. Then she was someone I barely knew and now is someone I cherish. Our friendship reminds me that time is an extraordinary concept, and when we think or blame time for not being on our side, we have have to remember only time will tell (I am a cornball lol).

What is it about Nutrition that moves you?

What I love most about nutrition is the fact that it can make or break you. Such small molecules/chemicals/minerals etc compose the body and either make it run like a well oiled machine or just slow you down, and that option is “entirely” up to the person. I also love the human component of nutrition. Everyone is different and every person presents their challenges in different ways. And while the suggestion may be the same, more whole foods etc, the delivery is ALWAYS different.

Spirit Animal: Hawk. I see them around campus/when I’m driving and have taken them to be my sign of good luck and that something good is going to happen. 

Birthday: Feb 19th 

Favorite word:

New. I like trying new things, especially food. Meeting new people is tough for me, I like to observe a group of people first and listen. I try to figure out who I can play with/who’s fun and that’s not always the loudest person in the group. It’s usually the other quiet person. But I’m in the ‘service’ industry so I know I can start conversation and small talk but no one likes that. It’s hard to start conversation when I’m not in my work mentality or super happy and excited. But NEW food, NEW clothes, NEW challenges are exciting and scary and it’s great when you can overcome all that.

Who do you think you are?

Loaded question. I think I’m the person people tend to go to when they want the truth. When they want a real approach to things, but honestly I think I’m an adventurer. I want to travel. I’m trying to figure out how to do that while working. I think that’s why I’ve never had a vision of a career for myself. I’ve always seen working as a means to an end. It’s just a way for me to get money to fund trips and my dream home/life. 

What’s your thing?

I have started to feel as though my “thing” has become to be a ‘refreshment’ for people. That sounds weird but I enjoy it when I’m with a friend and we can just unwind together and calm down, and I can remind them (be it verbally or through simple presence) that their stresses can wait and aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things. For example, we just got a new GM at the place I work. He put in maybe 100 hours in his first week and is visibly worried about making everything work. I try to not be an added stress for one, but also remind him that he has people to help him and that work will never be more important than home life and that his work is appreciated. My current job has really made me realize the importance of making people feel heard and appreciated. 


What is the message you want to convey?

The message I want to convey to others is that yes life is hard, but you can make it what you want it to be. I understand environmental circumstances might beat you down but you can’t give up. You have to keep going. 

Personal Philosophy:

Take time for you. I’m a pretty selfish person in all honesty. Some would say that’s a bad thing. But I believe there is a balance to be had between consideration and selfishness.I think some people need to be reminded that they’re not in this world to please others. If you don’t want to do something, don’t. If people don’t want to hang out that day and you want to go out, go and do it! Don’t wait for other people to help you/do things for you. They’re busy concerned with themselves. So be concerned about you! It’s not bad. (but do make time for others lol). 

Random fact?

I constantly tell my boyfriend “fun facts” throughout the day. Just passing thoughts and realizations I’ve come too. I wish he would do the same but hey, we’re different people. lol

How did come across your passion?

I came across nutrition during high school and I was looking for something to do. I wanted to help people but not be a doctor. I wanted a major that would let me work right after school. I didn’t want to go to grad school (That’s changed though). I say that because I wanted to do psychology and I should have listened to my gut. Anywho, my mom was seeing a dietitian at the time and I went in to meet her and she just resonated with me. It seemed to fit what I wanted to do. I could go to work right after school (or so I thought) and there is major job growth in the field and they don’t make bad money. 

When/where did it all begin:

My nutrition education began in Boston at Boston University. Figuring out what I REALLY WANTED to do has solidified this year. I want to focus more on counseling about nutrition and wellness. I want to help people meet their goals for themselves. I want to help them realize things they never knew about themselves. 

Talk about your style both in how you dress and how you create.

I think my style developed when I was working for the Smithsonian. I needed business causal looks but I didn’t want them to be boring. I think those years were my great style years hahaha. Now, trying to get into the fitness industry, its changed to leggings, comfy sneakers, and long shirts. So comfortable! 

What’s your perspective of society today? or rather something that “grinds your gears’ about it:

What really ‘grinds my gears’ is the lack of consideration governing bodies have for the ‘little people.’ Most use the ‘little man’ as a stepping stone to get voted in and then subsequently does everything to hurt them. Even though they may not realize it and how one bill connects to another issue. Take raising the minimum wage. Some would say it would be a detriment to business. However, if you raise the minimum wage, people can afford better food, then get healthier, decreasing health care cost then everyone saves money! Amazing how one thing can ripple like that. Trickle down doesn’t work, but maybe trickle up does! hahaha

What’s your thing?

Active old people honestly inspire me. That’s what I aspire to be and want others to aspire to as well. You don’t have to be cranky half alive shell of a being. You can thrive in old age. You can be active and conquer your goals at that age. My grandmother is 84 and she never stops going places. She doesn’t walk quickly or anything but she attends events at National Geographic/Smithsonian/Howard. She always has something to talk about, something that she did that week. I want to be her. She’s traveled all over the world. She has literally been to 6/7 of the continents. She’s met 4 presidents, been on the board for the Smithsonian (you have to be approved by the Senate for that!) So I guess she’s my muse. 

Favorite Disney movie?

I was thinking about this question the longest because I love most of them. But Lion King kept coming up. It was just great and the sequel wasn’t terrible! like most of the other ones…

If you would like to reach out to Sydney to get her know her better or want nutrition tips she can be contacted via Facebook or email :