Support Living Artist

The title of this post is something that I recently began to do. Even though I pay tribute and homage to the artists who have died, but the idea of people being more praised and acknowledged for their work after their gone partly defeats the purpose of producing art. Which in my eyes is to relay a message or convey a feeling that will resonate with your audience who will receive it NOW and later. Supporting artists as they live is essential to their growth as artists and personal development, creating a sound foundation for their futures. As well as helping pay the bills! When an artist passes is supporting them still necessary?  I rather support artists who are living, creating, and vital to their communities and audiences, so they continue to reach their potential and hone their greatness. As they are continuously suiting up for the never ending art battle against those who fail to see the importance and necessity of art. Especially in an era where having a passion (creative or not creative) is a remedy to the sicknesses that socialization spews out on a daily basis...

I support through attendance, promotion, and some monetary donations, but as a BCS ( Broke College Student) I am limited in that sense, but I will come to all the shows and tell everyone I know who is interested in coming too!

What do you think? 

Felicia taliaferro